Thursday, February 17, 2011

0 Download Full Album mp3 Boyzone - A Different Beat [1996]

        A Different Beat is the second album Boyzone. The album was re-released in 1997, with the addition of an interview disc. As a bonus track, is featured an English version of the Spanish singer Enrique Iglesias cover, "Experiencia Religiosa", titled "Mystical Experience".
      Three singles were released from the album: "Words" (#1 UK), "A Different Beat" (#1 UK) and "Isn't It a Wonder" (#2 UK).

   1. "Picture of You"  [International Bonus Track]
   2. "Paradise"
   3. "A Different Beat"
   4. "Melting Pot"
   5. "Ben" (Michael Jackson cover)
   6. "Don`t Stop Looking For Love"
   7. "Isn't It a Wonder"
   8. "Words"  (Bee Gees cover)
   9. "It's Time"
  10. "Games Of Love"
  11. "Strong Enough"
  12. "Heaven Knows"
  13. "Crying In The Night"
  14. "Give A Little"
  15. "She Moves Through The Fair"
  16. "Mystical Experience"  [Bonus Track] (Enrique Iglesias cover)

Album Winner : 3x Platinum in the UK


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