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0 Download Full Album mp3 F4 - Fantasy 4ever (煙火的季節) [18 December 2002]

Fantasy 4ever (Chinese: 煙火的季節; pinyin: yan huo de ji jue; literally "Season of Fireworks") is the second Mandarin studio album of Taiwanese Mandopop quartet boy band F4. It was released on 18 December 2002 by Sony Music Taiwan.
The album is organized in the style of a split album with two tracks by Vic, one track each by the other remaining members, a duet by Vanness and Ken and six tracks collectively as F4. It features the opening and ending theme songs of Taiwanese drama Meteor Garden II, "不能失去你" (Can't Lose You) and "煙火的季節" (Season of Fireworks) respectively; and the Pepsi advertisement theme song "Ask For More" and a Mandarin version of Walt Disney's Lilo & Stitch theme song, "Can't Help Falling in Love".
F4 -  Fantasy 4ever (煙火的季節) /(yan huo de ji jue)
12 Tracks | Release: 28 August 2001 | MP3 320 Kbps | 128 MB
Genre: Mandopop

  1. "不能失去你" jue bu neng shi qu ni (Can't Lose You) - F4 (opening theme of Meteor Garden II)
  2. "煙火的季節" yan huo de ji jie (Season of Fireworks) - F4 (ending theme of Meteor Garden II)
  3. "愛的領域" ai de ling yu (Love's Terrain) - F4
  4. "一個人的冬季" yi ge ren de dong ji (Lonely Winter) - Vic
  5. "晴天" qing tian (One Fine Day) - Ken
  6. "當你是朋友" dang ni shi peng you (You As A Friend) - Vanness and Ken
  7. "Te Amo我愛你" Te Amo wo ai ni (I Love You) - F4
  8. "只有我" zhi you wo (Only I) - Jerry
  9. "心理測驗" xin li ce yan (Psychological Test) - Vanness
  10. "怎麽會是你 zen me hui shi ni (How Is It You) - Vic
  11. "Ask For More" - F4 (Pepsi advert theme song)
  12. "Can't Help Falling in Love" - F4 (Mandarin version of Walt Disney's Lilo & Stitch theme song)


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