Tuesday, November 1, 2011

0 Preview Debut Album Howie Dorough (Howie D.) - Back To Me [2011]

Howie Dorough (Howie D.) recently announced that debut solo album Back To Me will be out this November, after the summer NKOTBSB tour, but before the BSB cruise. Back To Me is the debut solo album by American singer-songwriter Howie Dorough of the Backstreet Boys. He’s already dropped the video for the first single “100,” which features D and a flexible friend hosting a private party in their sun-drenched home before taking a trip to the laundromat, all in all a portrait of domestic bliss.

Artist: Howie Dorough
Album: Back To Me (Pre-release)
Year: 2011 (
Release Nov 9th (Japan) & Nov 15th (Worldwide))
Genre: Pop Dance
Length: -
  Back To Me Track Listing :
  1. "100"        
  2. "Back To Me"        
  3. "Going Going Gone"        
  4. "Dominoes"        
  5. "Shatterproof"        
  6. "Lie To Me"        
  7. "Over My Head"        
  8. "Pure"        
  9. "Sleepwalking"        
  10. "Stay"        
  11. "This Is Just What I Needed"        
  12. "Way To Your Heart"        
  13. "Unica"   
Back to Me sees this talented singer / songwriter infuse his sultry and soulful melodies through a myriad of styles, to create a stimulating collection of songs that bounce from Euro electro chic to propulsive modern pop, generating tunes that'll get everyone dancing. Howie opened up about the record, saying, "The whole objective was to show people my individual personality. When we come together in Backstreet Boys, our individual sounds create an unbelievable group sound. At the same time, we've all had aspirations of doing solo projects for many years. This is finally my chance to get out there, step up to the plate, and show everyone what I got."
From the album's first single "100," a vibrant anthem that can proudly stand alongside his catchiest cuts, to the infectious ballad "Lie To Me" which showcases Howie's heights as a vocalist, and the entrancing cut "Pure" written with Nick Carter, Howie certainly shows everyone what he's got and so much more.


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