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0 Download Christmas Song - Happy Christmas Vol.3 [2000]

Happy Christmas Vol. 3 is a 2000 holiday music compilation album. It was released by BEC Records and features artists from a variety of styles who were signed to BEC's parent, Tooth & Nail Records. The album is the third in a series of five, being preceded by Happy Christmas in 1998 and Happy Christmas Vol. 2 in 1999 and succeeded by Happy Christmas Vol. 4 in 2005.
16 Tracks | Release: 2000 | MP3 320 Kbps | 122 MB 
Genre: Holiday

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  1. OC Supertones - Heaven's Got A Baby
  2. Relient K - Santa Claus Is Thumbin To Town
  3. Cadet - The First Noel
  4. Bleach - What We Call Christmas
  5. Earthsuit - Wonderful Christmas Time
  6. Kendall Payne - O Come O Come Emmanuel
  7. Hangnail - Do You Hear What I Hear
  8. Poor Old Lu - What Child Is This
  9. Joy Electric - Mrs Santa Claus
  10. Denison Witmer - A Christmas Song
  11. Ace Troubleshooter - Have It All
  12. Starflyer 59 - I'll Be Home For Christmas
  13. Element - Rockin' Around The Christmas Tree
  14. Aaron Sprinkle - A Christmas Song For All Year Round
  15. Skyline Drive - Christmas (Baby Please Come Home) 
  16. Matthew Thiessen And The Earthquakes - I Hate Christmas Parties

The album opens with the Supertones' brass-less acoustic "Heaven's Got a Baby." Not as strong an opener as the first volume, which was the Tones' "Joy to the World," but a decent second Christmas offering from the group. Following, is relative new comers Relient K with their pop punk offering "Santa Claus is Thumbing to Town." It's a bittersweet track that, being released after their recent sophomore project, is musically reminiscent of that on their self-titled debut last year, and less of their current more matured sound. The poppy surfer punk of Cadet follows with a slowed, more melodic tune for the band, performing "The First Noel." Bleach offers an upbeat yet not-so-uplifting original, "What We Call Christmas," which although I'm a Bleach fan, starts to disrupt the 'Christmasy' feeling the project is supposed to have. A few album highlights follow with Kendall Payne's excellent rendition of "O Come, O Come Emmanuel," which seems to best capture a more modern Christmas feeling that most of the other tracks lack. Earthsuit present an electronics-laden "Wonderful Christmas Time," driven by various electronic distortions and synth sounds. Hangnail offers a worthy punk version of "Do You Hear What I Hear?" however, the vocals tend to distract at different points and seem forced. Another highlight is the first recorded track by Poor Old Lu in over five years with their excellent rendition of "What Child is This?" Joy Electric and Starflyer 59 make appearances for the third consecutive volume. JE offers their typical candyland electronic pop with the ecstatic "Mrs. Santa Claus," while Starflyer, Denison Witmer, Aaron Sprinkle, Skyline Drive, and Matt Thiessen & The Earthquakes work to end the album on a much more mellow, serious, or somber note. Denison's lamentful "A Christmas Song," is followed by SF59's mellow and dreary "I'll Be Home for Christmas." And if you're not totally depressed after hearing this song, you're liable to shed a tear after Matt Thiessen (of Relient K) and his band's sad original "I Hate Christmas Parties," a song about the pain of a break up during the Christmas season.
Happy Christmas Vol. 3 is a good collection of artistic offerings for the Christmas season, but under the label of "Happy" you may find yourself in a more reflective mood by the close of the album than uplifted and excited about the Christmas season. It's worth a listen, so check it out this holiday. 


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